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Now forget about competing with other professionals and getting new clients. Your hardwork, skills and dedication are the key of getting success here. Join our team FOR FREE.

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Visitors on your profile can’t access other team member’s profile. Neither there was any search or any external linking. Visitor can only access your profile through “Unique Profile URL”

Online CV

Online CV a profile, a resume that is hosted online. And not only this, only verified profile gets hosted with a profile verification certificate. These online CV is more than a resume. It makes hiring competition free, easy, growth oriented, or simply “modernly professional”

Get new work

Want to get new clients irrespective of your level of expertise, competition, followers, buzz, etc. Join our EZ TEAM. This team helps you to achieve new clients with lot more things. And it’s totally FREE to apply.

Add more to your profile

You can add your blog links or embed them here. You can add pre-packaged services for fast hiring. Also, you can add your social media links, freelancing platform URLS (like Upwork, Fiverr, etc.)

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Share Knowledge & Earn

You can add your blog links or embed them here. You can add pre-packaged services that help your visitor to hire you for them faster. You can add other freelancer profile urls and more.

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Client Support

Zabro Sales & Support team helps you to get connected with the visitors and try to convert them into clients through assisting them with their needs. And how your services and skills help them?

Easily Get hired

You can get hired in few steps by visitor landed on your profile. He can instant chat with our Team, ask for “Get a Quote from you”, or “Post the Project”. Or contact you through your contact details on the profile.

Custom Solutions

If you want to market yourself, need to get new clients through your profile, or any other requirements. Our creative team assist you for getting the solution. Our only goal of providing this free assistance is your own online growth professionally.

What Do you Choose?


*After verification we are going to verify your identity, skills and other details.


$20 (or ₹1500 + GST)
*After verification we are going to verify your identity, skills and other details. You have to pay one time.

Premium Standalone Profile

$99 / Year ( ₹7000 + GST)


EZ Team

EZ stands for "Everyonix-Zabro" and also resembles "Easy". EZ Team is a group of professionals managed by us, with having one vision in mind "Mutual Benefits".

Everyonix Technologies is the parent website and legal entity registered in and managed from India. is created and managed by Everyonix Technologies.

Official Website:

Applying for EZ Team is free and obviously easy

  1. Check the category of work we require through this link.
  2. Fill out the Application form with the respective details.
  3. We then contact you and tell the further clarification and process for verifying your identity, skills, and knowledge.

If you have any inquiry or recommendation we have all ears,

No. Anybody who needs freelancing work could apply and no charges apply before or after applying for EZ Team Membership.

The process of selection truly based on your grasp on the field, your experience with projects and similar work, your skills, and your interest.

EZ is purely setup to make the "get hired" of freelancers and professionals more easy for them. That's why we are on continous hunt on new clients through different medium. That's why you don't have to worry about your own marketing.

Payment Queries

You can pay through your Credit/Debit Card or Paypal account.

You have to pay before getting the service either Online CV or Premium Standalone Profile. is created and managed by an Indian Startup named "Everyonix Technologies" whatever services you are getting from are through Everyonix Technologies.

Your transaction is secure through the third party secure parties. You can pay through the different methods like Stripe, Paypal (International), Razorpay or Instamojo ( while in India)

Standalone Profile

This plan contains, premium sections, responsive and custom designed web page. That contains everything related to you or your work, services, and skills.

And also the URL of this page is non-query searchable. That means no visitor can wander around other profiles or links. Only through your profile.

Below is the example of the profile.

No, you can't. Because its custom designed. You can request us to edit your profile and tell us the desired edits or additions. But we can only offer maximum 10 edits over the period of one year.


You don't have to do anything. We will take care of that for you. You just submit the form requesting to add your blog.

You latest blogs get automatically updated here, whether you are writing on blogger, medium, or tumblr.

Yes you can.

It's totally up to you. If you aren't sure about the design then we can take care of that for you.

Here are some of the examples of he profile you will get.

However, you can also select each section manually by filling a complete form that takes some time.

You can get your Standalone Profile for free based on writing skills. If you are have a immense knowledge in the field you are in, and want to share your advice, knowledge, service benefits, presents trends, and such information through blogs, articles or podcast.

Then we are happy to tell you can get the Standalone Profile for free.

You just have to verify your writing skills. And submit articles assigned by us to you related to the field and topic you are interested in.

Online CV

This is a designed online CV with non-query searched based URL. No visitor can search through different profile. Visitor can only see the details and related links of the CV on which he/she landed. This makes the hiring process more secure and competition free.

You will get a competition free unique link to access your online cv which you can share on any of your social media platforms.

Here is an example of the CV you get after got selected in the EZ Team.

Yes, you can. You can apply for getting an online CV with the link given below.

Click Here

And then you have to pay for the "verification process". The charge for verification process is USD 20 or ₹ 1500*. It's a one time payment.

The basic use of this online CV is to put out a unique URL that only has your own profile in a Resume Pattern.

Not everybody can get the that CV. You have to prove each and every detail. And then we will give you the verification certificate.

The "verification process" takes time and efforts of our team. And therefore we are asking for a minimal pay. And its One time payment as far as you don't want to edit or add something after get verified.

However you will get the online CV and certificate for free. If you apply and get selected in our EZ Team.

Yes, because application process includes verfication. And hence once he get verified we will offer him/her the online CV.

This is free of cost, because he will gonna work directly with projects handled by us.

Yes, you only have to pay once. After that if you want to change some details or verify those. Then you can apply for edit and veify.

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