EZ Team Membership – How it helps freelancers?

EZ Team Membership – How it helps freelancers?

There are freelancers out there who are struggling to getting new work. There are many different diffculties and challenges they are facing, but the ones that needs immediate solution are:

  1. Getting started
  2. How to get new clients
  3. Underpay
  4. Competition

What’s EZ Team?

To look word “EZ” there are two different ways, first its the name “Everyonix-Zabro”. Because, Zabro is created and managed by an India based Multi-service Digital Agency named Everyonix Technologies.

Second is “EZ” sounds similar to “easy”. Because it makes freelancer’s work so much easy.

How EZ Team member helps freelancer?

As we discussed the four major problems faced by the freelancers nowadays. Lets discuss them one by one along with the solutions presented by Zabro.

1. Getting Started

Getting started is the most difficult step for the freelancers. “Getting Started” includes;

What knowledge a freelancer should have to get the desired work? What would be the pay for this kind of work? What platform to use? How to take online payments?

Questions that asked by newbies or aspiring freelancers.

Here Zabro.co helps freelancer to get started. By bringing a single solution named “Online CV”.

So just have to apply here at “EZ Team Membership” and will get the “Online CV”. As there is no charge for EZ Team Membership then you don’t have to pay anything for your Online CV. However, if you are not selected in EZ Team Membership then you can apply for the “Online CV” separately.

You can read more about the “Online CV” here.

2. How to get new clients?

To get new clients, you have to be on constant hunt for new leads. Either you choose freelancing platforms ( too much competition for a new freelancers ), your own website ( need to worry about marketing and SEO), or make profile on social media.

But if you are in EZ Team. In place of you we are on constant hunt of new clients. You will get new work constantly that’s what we are upto. That’s why there is a selection process.

There is a limited membership in the team.

As we discussed you will get an “Online CV” and that’s would be verified. We also try to share your profile with different leads.

So that your profile value growth would be done automatically without you doing anything.

3. Underpay

Due to a lot more competition in the freelancing platform. And wide availability of cheap solutions for getting any work, like fiverr, guru etc. To get work freelancers ( mostly non-experienced one) starts doing jobs underpay.

But for most of the work the quality of service would be below average.

Here at “EZ Team”, we will make sure that each and every member would not be underpaid.

4. Competition

The last one is “Competition”, if you share your freelancing profile url with your network, or followers. Then the follower landed on the profile. But then what?

  1. They either hire you
  2. They either hire others by searching them
  3. They just leave the profile without submitting a survey form.

Here we give each problem a solution. If you share “Online CV” url. Then there would be,

  1. Either they would hire.
  2. They can’t hire others through direct search. But they can apply for more recommendation. And it is compulsory for them to fill “Why they think that you are not the good fit for the project?”. And you will get notified about this.
  3. If they are leaving the page then a popup comes to leave a survey form, which asks what more the visitor needs from you.

Now you see that each problem has a solution.


EZ Team would be a free of cost asset for the freelancer to drive more work. Collaborate, work and succeed togethor.

We are waiting for you.

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