Standalone Profile – What makes it better?

Standalone Profile – What makes it better?

Zabro’s “Standalone Profile” is a personal profile that is custom designed by the designer and the developers at specifically according to your requirements.

Standalone Profile helps you to work in a specific manner for you. If you want a profile that sell your services, or get more clients, leads, and integrate with more tools. This solution helps you to get whatever you wanted on the web.

What makes Standalone Profile Different?

There are many such platforms out there that helps you to generate such profile in a great ease. But what Standalone Profile is doing is a different thing.

Following are the features, that makes it unique and useful:

1. No need of website

There is no need of a website if you have Zabro’s Standalone Profile. Because this profile contains pages that are dedicated to your profile. You can do whatever you wanted to do on your own website.

But it is totally an alternate of having your own website. You can add your own logo. It would have all its necessary pages/sections and features, like Blogs, Contact form, Subscription Form, Popups, “About Us” section, Hero, Other External Links.

You can also choose from the predesigned templates and then you can request to change or edit the section according to your need.

2. Add blogs/Articles from External Sources

If you wanted to add your own articles on the “Standalone Profile”. It’s quite simple, and it’s automatic. Just once add the url of your blogging platform, whether it is, blogger, medium, tumblr, etc.

After submitting the url, the blog on your “Standalone Profile” gets updated automatically.

3. Custom Designed

Everyone is different, so should be their profile. Hence, we offer custom design of your “Standalone Profile”, that best fulfill your need and describe you & your work.

The design would be robust, responsive (mobile-friendly), trendy, intuitive and creative.

4. Add Live Chat Option

The visitor on your profile can chat directly with you in a single click, when you are online.

You can decide your online hours, and live chat with the visitors landed on your profile.

5. Visitors can’t search other profiles

Here visitors can’t search different profiles on the platform. Either visitor comes from the Search Engine, or through the link you share.

You can also boost your “Standalone Profile” with our Digital Marketing Plan.

This makes your “Standalone Profile” just like your website. Whoever lands on your profile either do whatever you are intented to, or just leave.

6. Add your own logo.

You can add your own logo, on the Standalone Profile.

7. Add a contact Form

A custom designed contact form would be there where you can get the desired details from the visitor.

You can add more than one contact forms.

8. Add unlimited “Call To Actions”

Call to actions are the action that you wanted your profile visitor to take while on the page.

You can add unlimited “Call To Actions”.

9. Add Pages

You can add more custom pages.

Each page take some more price.

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