Why Social Media isn’t effictive for getting new clients?

Why Social Media isn’t effictive for getting new clients?

Here we are going to discuss completely about the Zabro’s Premium Standalone Profile.

Question arises.

What’s profile?

Profile is something that includes everything about a person, entity, service or product. And here we are gonna build those profiles custom designed according to your requirements.

What’s Standalone?

As we all know, Standalone means independent. So here this profile is independent of competition.

To understand this Standalone feature, we can take an example.

Let’s say Rohit is a freelancer video editor, and know the work, has good skill and need more clients. But the thing is he has no experience. There are so many video editors out there. There is so much competition.

A comparison

If Rohit opt for social media for getting new clients, then there are chances that other video editors who has so much experience and even have same or less price for the service could get the gig.

Even Rohit uses some other freelancing platform the result would be same. The visitor who landed on Rohit profile could easily search the profiles of other freelancers on the platform.

So here the question arises. How we can help Rohit?

We can make “Standalone Profile” of Rohit on our platform with the details of him. His recent projects which may be quite less in number. Now the visitor lands on his profile can only wander through the links he provided. They can’t serach other similar profiles on our network.

Now if he grab clients through direct referrals on the platform. nobody could wander here and there.


1. Custom Designed

You will get a custom designed profile. Single Page or Multi-page.

2. No link to other profiles.

There is no way to search other profiles on our platform.

3. Get SEO optimization help

We will optimize your profile SEO friendly.

4. Single Click Chat to visitors

Now visitors can chat with your with a single click. Through your whatsapp number or telegram id or any other means. Of our custom chat integration.

5. Copywriting

You don’t have to worry about copywriting. We will take care of all the headings and writings. You just have to submit the complete information about your profile.

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