Why you should use Zabro.co?

Why you should use Zabro.co?

What this platform is providing is second thing. First one are the problems that lots of freelancers have to face right now.

Let’s talk about the problems and how this platform will help to tackle those?

Insight to “Freelancing”

Word “Freelancer” is the now the quite often searched term on the internet. But who are freelancers?

In simple terms, “One having beginners. Intermediates, or advance level expertise over a skill or field, and are not necessarily self-employed, get hired by different companies, or people for projects and assignments.”

There are a lot of myths , regarding the concept of freelancing. Let’s discuss some.

Myths about Freelancing

1. Freelancers are always Self-Employed

Not necessarily, we can say that majority of people are self employed. But freelancers are side-hustlers too. Who are doing their normal 9-5, come home, take some rest and then being a freelancer from 9 p.m to 2 a.m.

You can differentiate them as full-time freelancers and part-time freelancers. But there’s no different as per their eligibility of being a freelancer.

2. Freelancers are Remote professionals.

They are remote professionals, which means you can hire a Graphic Designer from India for your firm in the states for a particular assignment.

Remote professionals or Remote Freelancers, are the one who are eligible for the client’s assignment but lives in another region as that of the client’s. But there are lots of freelancers that lives particularly near or can travel to the client’s office for the time period of the work.

These are known as “Contract-Basis Employees”, because you hired them for a certain period of time and also they are working at your office or with your team on internal matters of the project.

To understand this like you are a Store Owner, and you need your own ecommerce store. You can make a small online department and hire some Contract-basis professionals who will develop your online identity and then hand-over the project to you and leave. You don’t have to pay them after you get the final product. Here you can give one on one feedback on the work and get the desired output quite soon than that of Remote Professionals.

Problems in Freelancing & Zabro.co

We have talked about the top myths of freelancers. Whether you are part-time or full-time freelancer. Whether you are contract-based profesional or remote professional.

But here are some of the problems that every freelancer suffers in his/her career.

1. How to get started?

Well this is the first one. How to get started? What you should do to gain some experience on the skill sets you just acquired? What you should do the gain clients? How to do this or do that?

For different freelancers, answers are different. But here is the solution for that.

Before getting started you have to understand one important things about yourself. That is your level or experience we can say.

You are either beginner, intermediate or advance skill set in the field you are offering your services into.

Keep that in mind that you have equal scope in the field irrespective of your level or years of experience.

So leave the self doubt if you are beginner, and get started.

So here are steps for getting started:

  1. Make your online profile
  2. Share your skill sets, knowledge, and experience through different means on your profile.
  3. Gain trust.
  4. Start generating new leads with different means.
  5. Work on the leads and get the clients.

Well, here every step is not as easy as it is to read that here. It’s quite hard, but fruitful. So to make this process a little bit simpler, less complex, and boosted for freelancers we come up with bio.Zabro.co.

Make your online profile here at bio.zabro.co it’s free of cost.

Then share you skill sets, experience, and services through this Standalone Profile. Write different articles to share your knowledge and grasp over the topic. Also share the “Unique URL” of your profile to your followers on “Social Media”.



New leads generating on your profile, articles or services will lead to generate more chances of getting hired.

If you have taken a premium or plus plan then you can handle your own leads and close the deals for yourself for time being you are active online. But in the free plan, we will take care of the leads that came in and let you know when it gets closed.

This the step to get started. But actually there are many problems while in the process. And the biggest one is “Competition”.

2. Competition

Competition is everywhere, whether it’s social media, freelancing platform or job/hiring portals. But what makes Zabro.co unique is it’s “Standalone Profile”.

Well the profile is accessible only through a the Unique Link. And you can share that link on Social Media, or other places. And your profile will be loaded with all the necessary details and features.

Like the “Hire Me” button by which your profile visitor will converted into a lead immediately.

And then comes the “Live Chat Support” system. If on your profile, the visitor “Live Chat” with our “Support Team”. Then the team will try their best to close that lead and covert that visitor into client or lead as per the conversation.

Next one is instant “Get the service” link. By filling up the form, he request your service, and we will let you know about the assignment. After your agreement we will take the payment from the client and give you your service charges after the completion of project. It’s as easy as that.

Unline, any other freelancer platform, visitor cannot access any other freelancer’s profile. The visitor can only view your profile and services.

3. Share your knowledge and earn.

Many freelancers post on Instagram or social media in the hope to convert the readers into their clients. But here at our “Article Writing Program”, you can make more money and get more clients than your profile.

Our Editorial and Creative team, will let you know the hot topics in your field on which you should write. You can write on your own blogging site or our platform everyonix.com.

Our SEO team will make your article SEO loaded by editing it. And will make sure it will ranked properly.

You could also share those articles. On your articles, if a lead is generated either you will get the work if it’s in your domain or you will get the commission.

As you can see your own articles will work as a profile for you. New clients will come up, new work will come up.

Also, the more you are capable of handling more complex and big projects we will give more project and work that comes to us for Zabro.co team.

But to be our Author’s Team, you first have to be a verified user of bio.Zabro.co.

4. Become the Part of Zabro Team

The benefits of becoming a Zabro.co team is that, you will get work of our clients. We are a Freelancing Agency and always been at hunt of new clients.

We are like match-making for Clients and freelancers.

So the more trust, and hard work we see in your work. More will be the work you will get through this way.

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