Zabro Online CV – Why should you have one?

Zabro Online CV – Why should you have one?

Zabro’s online CV is a web page that shows your details like Name, profession, experience, Work History, Project Handled, Education details etc. It will be loaded with all the necessary information for hiring you to need.

Instead of sending someone a CV, you can send them Zabro’s online CV.

How would it benefit you?

Zabro’s Online CV is set up to make the method of hiring easy, and competition free.

There are many features this online CV has that would help any professional. Following are some important one:

1. You don’t need a website

To make an online presence with just your CV is enough. Why? Because what else do you need if this web page takes care of you like your own website.

After knowing all the features we believe you would think in that way too.

2. “Hire Me” button for instant hiring.

On the Online CV there is a “hire me” button that makes the process of hiring in a single click. If the visitor has a job for you whether it’s a full time, part-time, internships, contract-based or freelancing, the visitor can contact you through this contact form.

After filling up the form, the necessary job description with other details will be forwarded to you.

Visitors can also contact you through your details ( like phone number, email, or social media URLs).

3. No other profiles can be searched

No visitor can search through different professionals’ profiles anywhere on our website.

So if the visitor landed on your profile there are only four things would happen:

  1. Either he/she hires you by clicking on the “Hire Me” button.
  2. Contact you through your contact details. (Contact details aren’t visible if you are in the EZ Team).
  3. Doesn’t like the profile, and requests for other recommendations.
  4. Leave the page without doing anything.

4. Hired or Not-Hired it’s a win-win.

If your visitor hires you or not still you can grow and make your profile stronger.

We have talked about the fact that there are only four things the visitor would do after visiting your profile.

Let us say, if the visitor chooses option 1 or 2, you will get hired or at least get contacted by the potential employer. Then these are the things that require.

If the visitor chooses option 3, he/she “Requests for another recommendation”. Then we will ask them about the reason for not choosing you. You will get that reason through your email, also you can reply to the visitor with your message through us.

5. Profile Verification Certificate

You can’t just add your profile here like any other platform out there. You have to verify the details you would show using this online CV.

We verify the details like your identity, your skills, your past projects, and education history.

If you are unable to verify something that would be issued in the Profile Verification Certificate.

Any visitor who visits your profile can access that certificate.

For more details, you can read the article, How to get verified for Online CV?

6. Get your CV downloaded in one click.

Visitors can download your CV in a single click or print it in a single click.

This feature helps to generate a soft or hard copy of your online CV.

7. One Time Charge

The only price you have to pay here is the “verification charge”. It’s a one-time payment, you don’t have to pay anything again after getting your profile until or unless you need to add some more information into your profile.

Each verification costs you $ 9.99.

After getting verification you will get the lifetime online CV to show on Zabro.

Offer for the first month

We would love to offer our $100 digital advertising pack for free for the first month if you take Zabro Online CV right now. This offer would end anytime soon.


Whether you are remote professional, full-time or part-time job seekers, freelancer, contract-based professional or seeking an internship. Having a Zabro Online CV is the best option to make your CV online.

It would be hosted forever, for your entire lifetime.

You can add more information like skills, Education, Work Experience, etc, anytime.

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